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Model T8120x20 and T8115Bx16 cylinder body bushing boring machines are repairing machine tools with high efficiency and high precission. Which were developed in our factory. They can be used for boring master bushing and can bushing of engine & generator’s cylinder body in automobiles, tractors and ships etc. if necessary, the flywheel hub bore and bushing seat hole can be also finly bored. In order to reduce auxiliary manhours and labour intersity and guarantee machining quality, accessories for centering, sectifying tool, measuring inner diameter, boring rod bracket, tool holder to increase diameter, boring tool micro-adjuster and for distance tool sectifying device can be provided with the main machine.

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Dia. Range of boring hole

Φ36 –Φ150 mm

Φ36 –Φ200 mm

Max. length of cylinder body



Main shaft max length



Main shaft rotating speed

210-945rpm ( 6 steps)

210-945rpm ( 6 steps)

Boring rod feed quantity

0.044, 0.167mm

0.044, 0.167mm

Machine dimension