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Mesin CNC Pipe Threading
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Jual Mesin CNC Pipe Threading

Spesifikasi Mesin CNC Pipe Threading

Mesin CNC Pipe Threading

●Bed,saddle,spindle box etc all main basic parts are adopting high rigidity casted iron structure, using resin sand moulding
    and aging treatment. Bed’s guideway been finish ground by high precision guideway grinding machine after high frenquency 
quenching. Ensure the machine long using’s precision retentively,guarantee the machine’s performance stability.
●X/Z feed axis adopt big pitch high precision high strength ball screw,servo motor adopting flexible coupler direct coupling 
with ball screw. Deliver power to high precision ball screw directly,to ensure the machine’s positioning accuracy.  
●X/Z feed axis ball screw are adopting closed protection,ensure the ball screw clean,ensure machine’s transmit and 
machining precision.
●Adopt China top brand 4 station tool turret, with high precision,indexing smoothly,moving simply.
●Spindle adopt 45# heat-treated steel,carefully processed. can withstand the high torque,not easy to cause deformation 
with heavy cutting.
●Spindle drive system adopt AC motor,slowed down by pulley.After through the headstock several class speed change 
then delivery to the spindle.The front and back bearing of spindle both adopt well-known brands at CHINA.Can simultaneous
 bear the radial force and axial force.
●Standard configuration provide many CNC function,multiple function,simply operation,stable and trustable precision,such as
 LCD showing,various cycle function, cutter compensation,program saving and editing,metric and Inch converting etc.
●Electric system adopting the dividing designed structure between transformer and control system,reduce the electric cabinet temperature.improve the electric parts lifespan and controller’s reliability.
●Using the advanced concentrated auto lubrication equipment,timing and quantify auto interval lubrication. Working is trustable and stable.
●Machine adopt half closed structure design,reasonable layout,beautiful appearance,safe and trustable,with good protection
●Mainly used for inner &outer pipe threading, and inch&metric threading. Also can be used as comon CNC Lathe.Widely used for processing of Oil-conveying pipe,Drilling pole, Drivepipe in the Petroleum, Chemical engineering, Metallurgy etc industry field. 

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